About Uniquely Purposed

Each of us are created uniquely and on purpose. You were born into this world at a specific time for a reason. God gifted you with something meant to be used to build his kingdom. In a world full of distractions, we must not forget where our true identity lies; in Jesus Christ. Being uniquely purposed is not so much about us, but about serving Jesus. It’s also about serving others. Whether you’re a mom, dad, in a work place or ministry, a friend, sibling or have a specific gift; know that you hold purpose in those titles. You’re never too far gone to go after all God has for you. Young or old; if you have breath in your lungs, you’re called. You were made for such a time as this. 


Hi! My name is Chelsea Bender. I am the founder of Uniquely Purposed Blog. I hope this space is a place that encourages people to cling to Gods word and live out all He has for them. I married my high school sweetheart Jeff. We have….