I am so happy to have you here. The first thing I want you to know is that uniquely purposed started as a space to spread the message that each of us are God’s masterpiece. You are the only you there is, created to do things in a way only you can for God’s glory. You are so so loved by him. You were created you at a specific time for a reason. Maybe you are a mom, dad, business owner, employee, sibling, friend, etc. No matter what titles you hold or stage you’re at, know that you have purpose. Never believe you are too far gone, too old or too young to go after all God has for you.

Besides this being a place of encouragement it’s a space that has grown into providing even more! You will find lots of things lifestyle related, devotionals and testimonies. If you have a testimony you feel compelled to share please contact me at testimonies.


Hey there! My name is Chelsea. I am the Author of Uniquely Purposed Blog. I am a mama and married to my high school sweetheart Jeff. Uniquely Purposed Blog started out as….

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