My name is Chelsea Bender.

I guess I’ll start out by saying I am married to my high school sweetheart Jeff Bender. We have a daughter named Sadie who has a big personality!

I have a love for many things, such as; Jesus, writing, people, being a mom, coffee, singing, party planning decorating and creating.

Fun fact: “Chelsea” means a port for ships or landing place, so I like to think of myself as a welcoming person.

I love to share my heart as a wife, mom and believer in Jesus. I loving writing about real things we face in everyday life. You’ll find a lot of that incorporated on the blog and on my IG pages ChelseaAllieBender and UniquelyPurposed.

I believe everyone has a calling on their lives and are made for a unique purpose. I started  Uniquely Purposed Stories for anyone who has a testimony they want to share.

The best way I could describe my personality is an ambivert. I pretty much lie in between being introverted and extroverted. In a group setting I’d be the more laid back person while I still love socializing and building relationships. Once you get to know me you find out I’m an open book, great listener and a loyal friend.

My dream is to someday publish a children’s book!

I’m honestly just a woman who wants to do what I’m called to do in this life; in whatever ways God wants to use me to shine his light. It is my hope to see others go after their unique calling as well.

And here is my cute little family….