Facing The Truth

Have you ever avoided opening up an email, letter or text ? Instead you would rather not

face the message. Well today I was thinking about how before I gave my life to the Lord I avoided opening up the Bible. After I thought about why I was avoiding it I realized it was because I consciously knew it was full of the truth I did not want to face. I came up with an idea that went something like this: “Well God, if I am not reading the Bible then I can just get away with the excuses that I just did not know I was doing wrong because I did not exactly see it in writing. You know, I’m not really the reader type anyways.” I would go on and block things out of my mind that I knew where in his word. It is  kind of like a child covering up their ears saying “I can’t hear you!” when their mom is trying to explain something beneficial to them. But with their ears covered they still know what their mom is trying to get across. Blocking it out allowed me to feel better about my choices. You can block things out and still have a huge void. God recognized that, so he nudged many times. I then started giving his word a chance little by little. My eyes were open to the fact that I cannot make deals with God or hide what is in my heart. It is through him that void gets filled and hearts are changed.

John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 

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