Heart of worship 

Growing up I attended church and that’s all I really did, attended. I remember singing the songs and it felt awkward just standing there. I’d get impatient because I just wanted to sit and get to doodling already. After years of not attending church (because I drifted into other life happenings) something in me wanted to give church a try again. Jeff and I were in our first year of marriage living in Gainesville. The times were rough and I knew we were missing something in our life. Even in these times of neglecting God, He was still there tugging on me. We found a church that we attended for a short while only because we eventually ended up moving to the Orlando area where I grew up. Coming back to this area had always been on my heart and I know it was because God put it there. A family friend invited us to a church. I loved their praise and worship team and got invited to come to their practice. Since praise and worship for me was always this awkward thing I felt a little weird being apart of it at first. I didn’t realize that I never really understood praise and worship and there was  so much more to it than I thought. It’s not just getting up there to sing some routine songs and look nice. At one of our practices one of the girls played the song “heart of worship,” which I already heard 1000X prior. I heard the song but never really listened. It’s like in praise in worship….I always sang the songs but never really worshiped and took heart to what was meant to be said to God through those songs. Joining this praise and worship team taught me what praise and worship is for. Our leader just doesn’t teach us music and how to sing but she is N example of what it means to lead worship. I’ve learned that it’s to give God thanks, surrender and show reverence and honor to him. not just saying words. It’s singing the things you believe with all your heart. The songs are actually biblical. I was never a raise my hands kind of person because….. well you know it felt awkward and I didn’t want to feel forced or for anyone to think I was doing it to be a copy cat. It’s funny the things we over think sometimes. The first time I lifted my hands was awkward (because I honestly care what people think too much sometimes) but it became SO freeing. There was freedom in not caring what anyone thinks and wanting to praise him in that way because he’s so good and loving. I mean Jesus got beat and died on a cross for me. Praise and worship is now one of my greatest escapes. It’s healthy for the soul. It’s a place where the noise of the world gets shut out. A beautiful paradise where you get lost in his presence. A place were I’ve released my frustrations and sadness. It’s there where in that moment I’ve let go and let God. It’s where I find that fuel. I get teary eyed when I see people praising and worshiping because it’s in those moments I see Just God and them. I see people filled with joy and sometimes sobbing because Gods helping them breakthrough some tough stuff. Encounters with God don’t leave you just standing there. When You allow God in stuff happens. We are all made to worship him. I went from “I can’t wait till worship is over” to “I just want to praise and worship more.” It’s one of my favorite places to be with God.

In the song “heart of worship” the lyrics say:

“I’ll bring you more than a song

For a song in itself

Is not what you have required

You search much deeper within

Through the way things appear

You’re looking into my heart

I’m coming back to the heart of worship

And it’s all about you,

It’s all about you Jesus”

It’s all about him 💛

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