Enough Is Enough 

Have you ever gone through a season of just not feeling good enough? Like you didn’t measure up? I definitely can say I have and it wasn’t that long ago. I brought some questions to God like: Why am I comparing myself so much? Why do I let the dumbest things get to me? How do I get out of feeling this way? Coming out of that season took a lot of talking with God. It also involved spilling it out to a God loving truth telling friend who I stay accountable with.

After going through the process of letting those negative things go, I felt like I was gaining my confidence back and that I was more focused on the right things. I felt I was in such a better place that I was done with all the nonsense. Then BAM one day it hit me again while scrolling through social media. I saw things other people were doing with their lives and started thinking things like, “If only I could be in her place.” Then more thoughts started to creep in that said, “All you are is a mom and wife”, “school is taking you forever to finish” and “Why even chases your dreams, you’re probably wasting your time.” Then I said to my husband, “What else am I?! Is there anything else to me other than being just a mom and wife? I want to be successful in those tittles but also in other things I’m passionate about too.”

After talking with my friend she said two things that stuck out to me: “We see many highlights of other’s lives, but not the other parts ” (like the moment we were in) and “your feelings have got to take the back seat.” Both things she said were so true. We see posts all day long of people’s highlights and mine included. What we don’t see is the behind the scenes. Just like when I think others seems to have everything perfectly put together by just seeing their highlights, I realize people might do that to me sometimes too. You just never know what else is going on with someone. What they don’t see from me is things like all the struggles I shared in my very dramatic conversation I had with my friend or when I’m lying in a ball on my couch feeling like a worthless blob of nothing. I get super annoyed with myself when I get like that because I know better. I started thinking about when Paul in Romans 7:15-25 talks about wanting to do what is right, but instead does what he hates. He speaks of being miserable but how freedom is found in Jesus Christ. I absolutely hate when I compare myself and get envious. I was allowing lies to be fed to me. They had to get thrown in the back seat because they weren’t steering me in the right direction. They left me feeling unmotivated to drive anywhere in life.

Before moving on I’m going to rewind to when I was on my way over to talk with my friend. I was feeling frustrated and asking God the questions. I then noticed this Jeep in front of me with a tire cover that said, “Live Life.” Those two simple words spoke something to me. We only get one life to live and I don’t want to waste mine wallowing around in things that bring me down and and distract me from focusing on my purpose. No matter what place I’m at in life I want to have an attitude like Paul did in Philippians 4:12. He said, “I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little. For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

One thing I do know is that the enemy comes to steal and destroy. Once I started gaining my confidence back and put focus on the right things the enemy tried snatching it away by using previous tactics. I said “enough is enough.” I had a reality check to what was going on. I then knew I needed to be speaking more of God’s word over myself. There is any enemy who tries to set up traps to trip us up. Many times we fall for the same things because he knows where we are weak. I encourage you examine those areas and speak God’s truth over yourself. We have confidence in knowing our battles can be conquered through Him.

2 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough 

  1. I have felt that way so so many times especially as a stay at home mom who is disabled. I ask myself..what am I good for? Cooking? Cleaning? Changing dirty diapers? My husband has to bathe me, I eat through tubes which my husband helps me set up, and there are days where I feel so sick I do absolutely nothing. I asked my husband, is there anything else useful about me besides serving people all day? What is my purpose? He said to teach others about chronic illness even through your suffering. To be an inspiration to others through your own suffering. To show others to never give up no matter how many times you have thought about it, through your own suffering. You are selfless and we are a team. And it was then that I sat back and realized he was right and even though I fall back into those untrue awful feelings, it isn’t so. We are more than what we feel we are, and God has a bigger purpose for us.


    • That was beautiful said Vivian. Sounds like you have a great husband and he said so much truth. I have no idea what’s it’s like to go through that but from what I’ve seen you are strong an inspire others to keep going! You are a fighter. By some of your posts I’ve seen I’ve thought that about you. Keep going ❤️


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