From Writer To Writer

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing all because of the fact many others do the same thing you have a passion for? I’ve questioned myself on why I continue to write and keep up with my blog for that very reason. Then I remember, there is only one me who says things in a way only I can say them. That goes for you too! What you have to say in your own way I bet will touch somebody even if you’re questioning that. I tell you that from experience. It’s the same case in anything else; whether you’re a teacher, nurse, artist, photographer, etc. Even if so many others have the same tittle, each person in that position has a uniqueness to them. I think it can be easy to compare ourselves to others to assess how we’re doing. That keeps us from focusing on our own thing though. If we’re evaluating others because of trying to measure up then it keeps us off track. Hey, it’s okay to be inspired and seek out anything you may want to learn! But as a writer or in whatever it is you do, you’re going to want to stay in your own lane. That is where you’ll flourish. There is only one awesome YOU! Be that person and keep on keeping on in your thing.

One thought on “From Writer To Writer

  1. I enjoy your blogs and you have a fresh insight all the time.
    Isn’t it amazing how God made each one of us different and unique. “I am the best me”.
    You are special to me Chelsea.
    Nana XO


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