Do Your Thang Mama

Motherhood comes with its

challenges. People have opinions on what a mother should or should not do. Five people on the right will be suggesting one thing while five on the left suggest the complete opposite. Hey I’m all for being teachable but if you see a mom that prefers to parent differently than you, you can’t force her to do what you thinks best. Every mother with their child has a unique relationship. Each mom has her parenting style for a reason.

Moms need to support and respect each other, even in their differences of opinion. I’m happy that I’ve witnessed this within the mom community. Unfortunately I’ve also seen moms gossip and question others moms decisions that didn’t match theirs.  Some moms may write “From Santa” on the Christmas presents while the other mom doesn’t do Santa at all. One day little Josh may have a lunchable that came with a KitKat bar while little Billy has a star shaped turkey sandwich and veggies in his lunch box. One mom may choose formula while the other mom chooses breastfeeding. Do what YOUR mama heart is telling you to do. What works for one mother and child may not work for another.  The list of things some moms prefer and don’t prefer could go on and on. No matter what each mom chooses, one mom isn’t better or worse than the other because of their different styles. Anyone could share the same title, but can’t exactly match who you are as a person. The same goes for the role of “mommy.”

We got to let mamas do their mama thang. We should be encouraging each other to listen to those mommy instincts even if that other mom isn’t taking the same route you take. None of us are the perfect mama. Honestly I’m over here just winging it with Jesus, coffee and piles of laundry by my side.


5 thoughts on “Do Your Thang Mama

  1. Kudos! You are spot on. Every mom has her own parenting style and there are days when everything unravels. We’ve all been there. As you say, the best way is to support each other and let each mama do her “thang.”


  2. I totally agree. Honestly, when a mom blocks out what other people say, it’s easier for them to instinctly know what to do. Awesome write.


  3. Great read. It’s so true, I remind myself to not make those snap judgments about other mommas, everyone does things different, not wrong just different. I always make it a point to help out other mommas when I can; smile or play peekaboo with a crying baby, open the door for them, or just saying hi 👋🏻 and I get it. Love and support each other, this Mom gig is tough. Thanks for all the great notes and reminders. 🙂


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