DIY Buffalo Plaid Pumpkins

I’ve been obsessed with buffalo plaid everything these days! Especially buffalo plaid pumpkins I’ve been spotting in all the home decor stores. I thought why not make some?!?!

All materials were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I was able to make several for the same cost as buying a larger one already made. Tip- make sure to always use the 40% off coupon with the RetailMeNot app on your phone. It’s on there every time.

Now grab yourself a pumpkin spice latte and round up some girlfriends while following along with the steps provided below!


• Buffalo Plaid Fabric (went with 2 yards)

• Polyester Fiber fill

• Burlap leaves found in the floral section (or any leaf look you’d prefer!)

• Sewing kit or Sew machine (I used white thread)

• Twine

• Yarn (optional) Twine can also be used for what the yarn is used for. I just loved the mustard yellow color and look of this yarn against the fabric.

• Mod Podge

• Corks

• Hot glue gun

• Scissors

• Curly wire found in the floral section


Cut some fabric. For a medium sized pumpkin I suggest cutting a piece of 25×25 in. of fabric. Keep in mind this will get folded in half, so think about the size you want your pumpkin to be.


Fold your fabric in half and sew only the long side together. Keep in mind this will get turned inside out after sewing.


Take yarn (or if you prefer to use twine) and lay pieces that reach 1/4 inches longer than the length of the material. The longer the better. You don’t want them to be too short. Bring one end of yarn together to tie a knot.


Put the long pieces of yarn inside of the fabric and pull them through each end. (As seen in photo one of step 4)

The side with the knot will stick out from one end while the loose pieces stick out the other end. Bunch up the material at the end with the knotted up yarn. Cut off enough yarn from your ball of yarn to tie tightly around the material just above the knot. (As seen in photo two of step 4)



Turn the fabric inside out and fill  the open end with polyester fiber fill. The long pieces of yarn will be hanging out from the bottom.


Take the long pieces of yarn from the bottom and pull them up to wrap around the pumpkin one at a time. I made sure to wrap the yarn around the same spot twice. I also pulled my yarn around the pumpkin a little tight just to give it a more pumpkin shape.

After pulling the yarn around my pumpkin from all different sides I would tie the extra yarn around the top under the loose material.


Take the loose material on top and fold it inwards a few times. Then bunch it up and tie yarn or twine around it to keep it secure.


Hot glue your leaves on top


You have TWO OPTIONS here

  1. Take twine to wrap and tie around the top of the bunched up fabric. Make sure to leave the pieces long because you will wrap them around a pencil and use mod podge to paint the paste onto them. After the mod podge dries up you will carefully remove the twine from the pencil leaving the twin with the curly look. As seen in the first two pictures of step 9
  2. Buy curly wire found in the floral section of hobby lobby. Hot glue it on the top next to the leaves. As seen in the third picture of step 9.


Hot glue a cork on the top!

Wrap yarn or twine around the cork (optional)


Go decorate! I scattered my pumpkins all around the house.



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