Hey there

My name is Chelsea Allie Bender.

I am the Author of Uniquely Purposed Blog.

I am married to my high school sweetheart Jeff. We are about to be girl parents x2! Right now we have a toddler named Sadie. We will be meeting little Sierra around the beginning of November. I share our life as real as it gets!

Uniquely Purposed Blog started out as a space to encourage others to walk in the unique identity in Christ and stand firm on God’s truth. I still share those things here, but overtime this blog has grown into so much more! You will also find all things lifestyle, which includes; motherhood, parties, kid crafts, decor and do-it-yourself projects (some of these things are being worked on now or in the near future!).  I consider this to be a pretty fun space!

I also love collaborating with brands! I love to give products an honest review to share with you all. If you happen to be brand who’s interested in partnering then lets see about collaborating! contact me here: Contact

Besides writing and creating and I also have other things I enjoy doing in my free time. I’d much rather be outdoors exploring. I love nature, sunshine and believe a little dirt never hurt. Spending quality time with family and friends means a lot to me. I love to read! Another thing that makes me happy is cleaning and organizing spaces. I find joy is tackling a mess, purging items and see the results after the job is done.

Fun fact, “Chelsea” means a port for ships or landing place, so I like to think of myself as a welcoming person. So Welcome!

Well, I wish I could talk to you all face to face in a cute little coffee shop, but since that isn’t realist you can instead keep up with me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Follow along at Instagram , Facebook, and Pinterest for new post, updates and product reviews coming soon!

I want to do what I’m called to do in this life; in whatever ways God wants to use me to shine his light. It is my hope to see others go after their unique purpose as well.