Chasing After The Root


There’s a good chance you’ve seen the image of a pineapple with the quote that says: “Be a pineapple: Stand tall. Wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” I mean, who doesn’t want to be like that?  Did you know the pineapples roots can extend past its leaves which can reach up to 5 feet long? It takes about six months just for the seed to sprout. During that time the baby plant can be planted carefully into temporary growing containers.  We see it takes a pineapple time to mature into what it’s supposed to be from the inside out. Continue reading “Chasing After The Root”

The Truth About Horoscopes 

Whenever you check your horoscope does it seem like it is spot on and almost always relatable? Well it is because it is easy to create coincidences that most people relate to on a regular basis.

Continue reading “The Truth About Horoscopes “

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