Cowgirl Birthday Party

When it comes to throwing birthday parties are you more into making things to decorate or buying things already made? I threw Sadies cowgirl themed 1st birthday party back in 2015. It was pretty much all diy made stuff. Throughout the years I’ve come to realize I do like to do diy’s for party decor but also already have a lot of it made.

Check out the cowgirl party inso below!


Pringles dipped in chocolate with rolo candies on top. Then cut up little pieces of twizzlers to wrap around the rolos! You’ll have yourself cut little cowgirl hats! They were also actually really yummy.


The red barn is made out of cardboard boxes I cut and duct taped together. I made sure to cut part of it out so it would swing open like a door. I put painters tape where I wanted to paint the white “X’s” and trim. Then I spray painted the red and black. After it dried I removed the tape and painted on the white. 


I stained an old pallet board then hot glued tissue paper flowers and rope into “Sadie” onto the board. 


The white frame was a $7 find from hobby lobby. It cardboard that painted white. Then I used teal scrapbook paper to cut out a horse silhouette to glue on top of pink scrapbook paper to glue to the back of the frame. 


This little girl has always loved cake!

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