Elaine Johnston’s Testimony

By: Elaine Johnston
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Growing up, I always knew who God was and that He was my protector but I never really realized the significance He had over my life until I was in middle school. I fought a lot of depression in the 7th grade and I really needed something to hold onto. 


I started attending a youth group in 8th grade and I completely fell in love with it. I went to Beach Camp with my youth group the following summer and I got saved in Daytona Beach. I really felt like God saved my life that week and that I could physically feel the depression breaking off of me. Quickly after, I was fully devoted to my youth group and led several Wednesday night services from worship nights to one-on-one conversations with other young women about the things that they were dealing with. 

God taught me that He has many facets and that “protector” is only one of them. God showed me that I was not only safe in His arms but that I was also treasured and deeply loved. 

I now write for my blog, The Prodigal Daughter , where I share what God is currently doing in my life and how He is constantly showing me His different facets. My heart is for women to understand how beautifully treasured and how deeply loved they are by the Father. I have recently partnered up with a team of other women who are loving on women caught up in the sex industry and we are able to meet them where they are at and share the love Christ has for them.

Romans 12:21 says “Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.” An old acquaintance once wrote this in my yearbook when I was in middle school and this verse has stuck with me ever since. I love the boldness this verse has over my life because it reminds me to keep “fighting the good fight”. Whenever I am facing hard times, this verse keeps me going. I am reminded to stand up for what is right and that good always overcomes the bad. I feel that fighting the good fight is our duty as Christians. 


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