Family Room Makeover. Tackling Clutter!

One of my favorite things to tackle is CLUTTER! My mama had a lot going on in this family room so she decided to call up my good friend Chantal and I to help her transform this space into the farmhouse theme she was desiring.

Clutter can actually affect your mood. Simplifying things like your dish sets, closet and countertops can make walking into a space not feel so overwhelming. Simplifying can help you take less time on thinking about what decisions to make as well. A cluttered space can make your mind feel cluttered. Because of that I love to help people make spaces feel more relaxed and less chaotic.

Here are some things that can make a space overwhelming:

  • If every single wall has too much going on. It makes the room feel more closed in.
  • Too many styles mixed together. Yes you can do things like boho farmhouse, modern vintage or whatever it is your heart desires. I’ve even seen nautical farmhouse look pretty cool. But be careful to not buy a bunch of random things that end up clashing and then it looks like you walked into a thrift store. You want things to flow! By the way, I do find thrifting to be a fun adventure. I thin you get what I meant by that.
  • Furniture pieces/counters with too many items on them.
  • Too much furniture or furniture that isn’t the right size for the area.

Before & After photos of the family room






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